Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ichigo's first foods

Little Ichigo turned 6 months old on March 1st.
I've been planning to use baby-led weaning, and let Ichigo feed herself. I love the idea of letting your child have control of their experience with food.

Sweet potato

Since she has been showing signs of readiness for solids, her papa and I gave her baked sweet potato fries at lunch time. Sweet potatoes were a big hit! Today I mixed things up and she had green beans, a carrot, and more sweet potato fries. She seemed to enjoy everything. A lot of what she does is play and exploring, but she put everything in her mouth and she is able to swallow bits without gagging.

Carrot and green beans

She also practiced drinking from a cup with some water. She loves drinking breast milk from a shot glass (but refuses bottles), so I decided to let her practice holding a little cup by herself. Most of the water was just dumped down her front unless I hold the cup with her. I think I'll continue to help her hold the cup until she seems to understand the idea a little more.
I'm so happy to be giving my daughter a healthy start with food. My husband and I both love cooking and eating. I look forward to having a new assistant in the kitchen in a couple of years!


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