Friday, March 4, 2011

Covering up is a feminist issue

This is a fantastic video from Annie at phD in parenting (one of my favorite blogs).

I have never been confronted about breastfeeding in public, but I have usually been wearing a nursing cover. Even with a nursing cover, I knew that I surprised or made some people uncomfortable. None of my friends would suggest to me that I nurse elsewhere, but I also know that most of them have probably never watched a woman breastfeed. I can't ever remember seeing a woman breastfeed before I was pregnant. It's sad that the most natural, healthy way to feed a baby is considered something to hide by many people.
Now that my daughter is older, she doesn't like to nurse under the nursing cover. I have started trying to nurse her in public without it, but we have a new issue- distraction! She wants to look at everything and is usually too busy to nurse in public. Oh, well. I'll just keep trying!

Ichigo at 2.5 months old


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