Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day

We had a sunny, windy Earth Day yesterday in Boston and I went for a long walk with Ichigo on my back.
We stopped by the Goodwill to drop off some clothing donations, and found a brownie pan, a picture frame and an "Easter basket". Then we stopped in an adorable shop called Magpie. They sell all kinds of handmade stuff that I was drooling over.
We also went by When Pigs Fly bakery. They have such delicious bread, and they always have samples on the counter. I picked up some apple cinnamon bread, and old fashioned hot pepper jelly. How I have gone 33 years without knowing about "old fashioned" hot pepper jelly is beyond me. It is deeeeeeeeeeeelicious. Imagine the sauce you get with spring rolls, but a little spicier, turned into a jelly. I couldn't stop eating it!
After that we stopped in Eurobaby, a kid's resale shop that specializes in European brands. I traded in something and got Ichigo an Oilily outfit.
After that I was exhausted, so we walked home.

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  1. Oh, I love love love pepper jelly! Relaxed errands with the babe are great, too :) Sounds like a perfect Earth Day!