Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hey! What's that sound?

I just got out of the shower and heard...nothing. The sweet, sweet sound of silence. Ahhhhhhhh. When you're a mother, silence is golden. Or perhaps I should say, silence is platinum.
Before I got in the shower, I suggested to Kuma that he try and lay down with Ichigo if she started acting tired. And it worked! For about 3 weeks now, I've been trying to lie down with Ichigo for her morning nap. Prior to that, she would nap if one of us wore her, or if I nursed her to sleep in my beloved Ikea rocking chair.

My little elf and I in the nap chair.

Whenever I would try to lie down with her in bed for a nap, she would just refuse. Or fall asleep for 10 minutes then wake up "refreshed" (quotation notes denote my sarcasm). I decided to try to nap in bed with her everyday in the hopes that one day she might be willing to nap alone. So far, she is napping in bed, as long as I am with her. If I wait until after the transition between sleep cycles (after about 45-50 minutes), I can sometimes escape. However, if I escape she is usually up within 10-20 minutes. So, if I want to get a full hour and half nap out of her, I need to stay in bed. Sometimes I just take a nap, too. Sometimes I read blogs and play wordfeud on my phone.

In my heart of hearts I would really like her to nap by herself, but I'm not willing to leave her to cry, so I soldier on. If you have a challenging napper, please feel free to leave a comment in solidarity!


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